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Pristella maxillaris

 Pristella maxillaris (priss-tella-maxee-lair-rus) is the only species in the genus pristella and is commonly known as the golden pristella tetra or x-ray tetra because of its highly transparent body.  It is widely distributed and adaptable fish, being found in coastal rivers of Brazil, Guiana, Guyana, and Venezuela in both acidic and alkaline waters.  Aquarists tend to refer  to this fish as the golden pristella tetra, though some call it the x-ray tetra instead.  Other common names include goldfinch tetra, a reference to the similarly coloured goldfinch, and pristella tetra, a modification of its Latin name.  The common name of this fish is X-ray fish.  Another name for this fish is glass catfish.  This fish can be kept in home aquariums.