Mandarin Fish

  They might be beautifully patterned, but mandarin (man-da-rin) fish secrete a disgusting, sticky mucus.A fish that craves a bite of mandarin for dinner won't make the same mistake twice.This article about the carnivorous freashwater fish also known as the Chinese perch.For the saltwater aquarium fish also known as the mandarin goby, see mandarinfish. The Mandarin Dragonet can simply not be confused with any other fish.  It has arguably the most attractive coloration and pattern of any commonly kept reef fish.  The scale-less body of the fish is a blue or green color which has orange wavy lines across it.  The tail is bright red with blue edging.  Other colors can be found in the pattern as well.  These fish are also sometimes called Psychedelic fish due to its rather bizarre coloration.  The male Mandarin tends to be larger than the female and has a large pointed dorsal fin that is only rarely displayed.