Big-finned reef squid

 Bigfin Reef Squid, Sepioteuthis lessoniana, are a common species of inshore squid found from the Hawaiian island’s through the tropical indo-pacific to the Red Sea. Like other members of the genus Sepioteuthis, these squid are sometimes mistaken for cuttlefish due to the large fin that surrounds their mantle; the “Sepio” in their scientific name refers to their cuttlefish like appearance. Sepioteuthis are known for their visual communication, elaborate courtship displays, and size sorted schooling behavior. These fascinating yet common inshore squid are often observed by snorkelers and divers.  Pronounced (big-fin-ned-reef-skw-id).  The big-finned reef squid is hunting.  This is a well-practiced hunter, and once it caught a fish, it will chop it up in its strong, beaklike jaws.  Yum!